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Oil Tank Info

In Ontario, Fuel Oil Tank risks have increased substantially and Ontario Insurance Companies are looking at establishing stricter Insurance guidelines as to what constitutes a “safe” Fuel Oil Tank.

In order to establish whether your oil tank may need to be replaced ask yourself:

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, it is time to REPLACE your fuel oil tank.

Crewson Insurance wants to help you with the cost and thus will issue you a cheque for $100.00 upon receipt of installing an industry approved fuel oil tank. Please contact Mike Bird (Bird Fuels, 519-925-9299), Roy Bryan (Bryan’s Fuel, 519-941-2401), or Scott Arthurs (Arthurs Fuel, 519-941-0004) for a quote on a new industry approved oil tank.

2 Million Dollar Liability

It is our recommendation that all of our clients consider increasing their liability coverage to $2,000,000. In the event of a serious claim, $1,000,000 worth of coverage may not be enough to adequately protect your assets.

Please contact our office for a price on increasing your limits.

Accident Forgiveness

In an effort to continually improve their product offerings, many of the companies we represent have implemented an Accident Waiver Endorsement. This new endorsement has been specifically designed to protect experienced drivers from the financial impact of their first chargeable accident. Driving records, surcharges and loss of discounts after an accident can result in hundreds of dollars in additional insurance costs per year.


Please call our office for a price and eligibility guidelines as each insurance company is different.

Intact’s My Driver Discount

My Driver Discount is our user based insurance program designed to reward good driving behaviours. A small telematics device is plugged into the OBD port of the car and records driving behavior. Assessment is based on 3 factors, which are evaluated in the relation to the number of kilometers driven, these are hard braking, rapid acceleration and time of day vehicle is driven.

Customers who have enrolled in the program will have access to a personalized website that will highlight their driving behaviours and the potential discount they can earn as a result of their good driving. A 5% discount is applied upon enrollment with the opportunity of reaching 25% after 180 days of data collection and Intact cannot increase your premium based on the data collected.

The eligibility requirements include: you must get consent from the named insured on the policy, you must qualify for insurance with Intact, you must have a valid email address, the vehicle cannot be in storage, you must have a OBD port in your vehicle and the vehicle must be manufactured in 1998 or newer.

Please call our office to see if you are eligible for enrollment.

Sewer Back Up

Over the last 12 months, water damage to homes and property has become the leading personal property claim. In order to address this issue insurance companies are implementing many strategies.

What Dufferin Mutual is doing…

Dufferin Mutual is now limiting sewer back up coverage to $100,000 which is costing additional $100.00 per year.

What Intact is doing…

Intact is applying an increased premium for sewer back up coverage but they are also offering discounts depending on the preventative measures you have taken against water damage. These preventative measures include having a sump pump, having an alarm or battery back up on your sump pump, having a backwater valve or being on septic.

What Wawanesa is doing…

Wawanesa is also offering a discount on your sewer back up premium if you have a backwater valve.

For any questions about your sewer back up premium or the discounts available please feel free to contact us.

Privacy Declaration

With the introduction of the privacy and access to information laws we are unable to access a person’s drivers abstract or accident history with out their written consent therefore in order to write up your auto insurance policy we must have you sign this document as well as provide your drivers license number.

Click here to view and print the privacy declaration.