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Proudly offering small town service & the same discounts as the big guys, there’s a reason that thousands of people trust us to find the policy that’s right for them. More than just sell you insurance, we want to help you understand it. We will help you choose coverages that suit your lifestyle and as an independent, family-owned brokerage we will always be on your side in the event of a claim.

The best defence against rising car insurance rates is a good driving record. By being a safe and courteous driver you are not only protecting yourself but also your access to the lowest insurance rates. Most convictions will affect your insurance for three years; at-fault claims stay chargeable for six. If your driving history is making finding insurance challenging, rest assured that we also work with non-standard insurers to get you the best rates available for whatever situation you find yourself in.

The Right Protection

Three Basics: Liability, Accident Benefits & Physical Damage

Liability Coverage

Every vehicle on the road in Ontario must be insured with a policy that includes liability coverage. This is designed to protect both the victim and at-fault party in a car accident: the victim is ensured that resources exist to compensate them for any losses, and the at-fault party is protected from what would often be ruinous costs for legal defence and settlement payments. While it is common for a basic policy to include a $1,000,000 liability limit, given the increasing complexity and costs associated with accident claims we advise our clients to consider limits upwards of $2,000,000. The additional cost for this extra coverage makes up a small percentage of your overall policy and could make a significant difference to your financial wellbeing in the event of an accident.

Accident Benefits

To help offset the cost of medical treatment following a car accident, all Ontario car insurance policies provide a series of accident benefits. These benefits range from coverage for medical rehab and attendant care, to coverage for lost income, or to refund tuition if your schooling is disrupted. As everyone’s situation is different it is important to tailor these benefits to meet your unique needs and those of your family. Whether you’re satisfied with the provincial minimum limits, or if you want to purchase increased coverage, we’re happy to help explain what you’re buying and what your options are now and down the road.

Physical Damage

After our homes, our vehicles are often the second largest single purchases we make in our lives. With the cost of repairing vehicles always increasing, having proper insurance matters more than ever. Physical damage coverage goes by several difference names: Comprehensive, Collision, and All-Perils. Comprehensive coverage is there to protect your vehicle for the most basic physical losses – for example, if it catches fire, is stolen, or suffers a cracked windshield. Adding Collision extends your coverage to insure damage caused by single-vehicle or at-fault accidents. Insuring your vehicle for All-Perils adds coverage for theft of the vehicle by someone living in the same household. Most vehicle leasing or financing companies insist on your vehicle having at least Comprehensive and Collision coverages, and usually set a maximum policy deductible as a condition of your contract. The standard physical damage deductible in Ontario is now $500, but lower or higher deductibles are often available.

Other Coverages

In addition to these, there are many options and endorsements available. Accident Forgiveness is an endorsement that prevents an insurer from increasing your rates following your first or second at-fault accident. Minor Conviction Protection extends this to minor tickets, such as most speeding tickets. Other more traditional options include coverage that provides a rental car if your insured vehicle is damaged (known as loss-of-use coverage) or coverage for emergency roadside assistance, such as towing. We’re always happy to discuss how you may benefit from these coverages.

Commercial Auto & Fleet

We know that reliability and timeliness of service are essential to the success of your business. If your business relies on having your vehicles on the road, we’re here to help. Whether it’s a single vehicle or a dozen, we can help you find the right coverage at a competitive price, all backed by the promise that we’ll be by your side in the event of a claim.

If you operate multiple vehicles, a Commercial Fleet policy might help you save on the coverage you need. With special & individual rates, as well as monitoring, reporting & loss-prevention advice to help you manage your vehicles, the right policy can add significant value to your business.

If your employees drive their own vehicles on your behalf, to visit clients or jobsites, or to pick up supplies or make deliveries, your business could be held responsible in the event of an accident. Because of this, many business require insurance for Non-Owned Automobiles, an endorsement that is easily added to most policies at minimal cost. To review your coverage or to update your policy, give us a call.