Commercial Insurance

Smart Solutions To Keep You In Business

Finding the right insurance policy for your business is a crucial aspect of being a successful entrepreneur. We are proud to insure a variety of businesses, large and small, from artists’ studios to contractors, manufacturers, restaurants, retailers, and professionals of all stripes. We’re careful, of course, but we’re also creative – we know that not every business fits into a box, and we’re here to work with you to help manage the risks you face.

Physical Property

You know that your location, stock, equipment, tools & machinery are essential to your business. What we’re here to help with is making sure you know how your property is exposed, what you can do to help mitigate against and minimize losses, and what insurance is available to remove the risk to your business.

Commercial Liability

The responsibility you have for the premises you occupy creates a significant exposure to loss for most businesses. All businesses, even those without a physical premises, are liable for the harm that their negligence could cause others. Regardless of what you do, determining the kind and amount of liability insurance your business requires is a vital part of your risk management.

Business Interruption

The reality is that many small businesses do not survive the fallout from a significant loss. The cost of your downtime could be significant and long lasting, from lost customers & sales to damage to your reputation. Even once you’re up and running again it could take you a significant amount of time to be in the position you were prior to that loss occurring. We can help you identify solutions that will help provide the safety net you need to keep your business on track.

Your Reputation

The circumstances surrounding a loss can negatively impact your reputation, particularly in a small community such as ours. Human resource challenges, the inability to live up to community commitments, and difficulty maintaining top-of-mind brand awareness are all exposures you face during a prolonged closure. Your insurance can help with the costs of maintaining the value of your brand until your business is back to normal.

Cyber Security

If your business collects or retains the personal information of your clients or customers, you are likely exposed to the possibility of a cyber security loss. This emerging threat can affect all our businesses in one way or another, and likely in ways that were inconceivable just a few years ago. The costs of reassembling lost data, unlocking or rebuilding systems, and notifying and compensating your clients are just a few examples of costs which are now commonly insurable.

Claims Service

Our first crash course in claims came three months after we started, when a Tornado in 1985 caused $3,000,000 of losses in a matter of hours. The lessons we learned handling that catastrophic situation have stayed with us, and we have been committed ever since to providing exceptional claims service. We are proud to still insure many of the victims of that disaster.

Bad things happen, and we’ve had our fair share - as a company, we’ve been involved in thousands of claims. While losses are not good for our bottom line, they have given us the experience to know how to navigate a claim on your behalf. We know how to help.