There are many risks associated with hosting an event and insurance is something you should consider as part of the planning process, no different than choosing the right caterer or venue. In Ontario, the law will hold you responsible for the safety of your guests – don’t let the fear of an unexpected lawsuit ruin your next special event.

Depending on the complexity of the event – whether it is open to the p ublic, or if alcohol is available for sale, liability coverage is either provided through an extension of an existing policy you may have or through a new, standalone policy. In either case, knowing the details of your event – such as the time, place, & number of attendees, will help us help you to make the right decision. If you are interested in getting a quote on an event or alcohol liability policy, please either call our office or complete this online form & we will get back to you.

Will there be alcohol at this event?
Yes No
If so, have you received your Special Occassion Permit?
Yes No
If alcohol is served but you have NOT received your Special Occassion Permit, a policy cannot be finalized until you have one. You can obtain an application by visiting the LCBO site.