Farm Insurance

Proudly Insuring Farmers & Ranchers For Over 30 Years

No two farms are the same, and insuring them properly takes time, experience, and care - not unlike farming itself. As a farmer you face a long list of risks, we’re here to help take some of them off of your shoulders. Trust us to get it right, to work around your schedule, and to be by your side in the event of a claim.

Farm Buildings

Farm buildings, whether they are hundred year old implement sheds or state-of-the-art dairy barns, face unique hazards and have insurance needs. We use the most up-to-date evaluation methods to help make sure your coverage is sufficient, but ultimately the best policy comes from understanding what you want out of your coverage: how have your needs changed since the building was built, and if you had to, how would you want to rebuild?

Machinery & Equipment

What would it take to get you up and running again? Sometimes the answer is simple, sometimes it isn’t. Equipment values can fluctuate widely, making it very important to regularly review the limits of your insurance. Large, highly integrated operations can face unique challenges sourcing equipment, making a claim not just about the lost property itself but also the cost of your downtime. And of course, machinery doesn’t have to come on wheels – heaters, coolers & compressors are all examples of machinery where a badly timed breakdown can have devastating consequences. Whether you’re an existing client or just looking for a second opinion, we’re always ready to talk through your questions and concerns and work to make sure your policy offers the protection you need.

Livestock & Produce

Animal mortality and the liability risk posed by animal escape are some of the most regular losses a farm or ranch can suffer. We are proud to insure farms that utilize world-leading genetics in their breeding operations and we understand the scale of investment required to operate at that level. We work with several insurers that offer a range of blanket and specified coverages that can be tailored to reflect the risks you face.

From seed to shipping, the lifecycle of your farm’s produce extends far beyond its growing season. Let us help make sure that the value of your work is protected in the event of a loss. For operations with large produce in storage, we offer monthly reporting – there’s no need to pay for coverage off season, and we understand that it’s hard to predict the outcome of any given harvest before it’s even planted. Let us know how it progresses, and we can adjust values accordingly.


Farms can be complex and dangerous properties, even to people familiar with their operation. With risks of waterway and airborne pollution, to the use of public roads for moving equipment, produce, and livestock, to farms with on-site stores, that offer public tours, or that encourage volunteer help, liability risks are as unique as farms themselves. Your liability insurance is there to protect you in the event of a lawsuit, which makes us partners in risk management. We’re here to help, and that starts with making sure you’re properly insured.